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At Meta Offices, we want to provide every business level with a modern and comfortable virtual environment to network. We think that everyone should have an equal chance to work intently, associate with other professionals who share their interests, and ultimately continue developing personally, socially, and professionally. Meta offices is where you can have a friendly, cooperative virtual environment where ideas can flourish. We make metaverse meetings effortless and simple by bringing all necessary supplies within reach. Have fun at Meta offices - your own office space in the metaverse!


Even business owners of all levels find it hard to have physical meetings with other companies while being completely occupied. It has become a need of the hour to be more efficient to be the most productive during that 24-hour span of a normal day. For that, we have built “Meta offices,” which is the ultimate solution for all business or startup owners.

Meta offices provides virtual office space in the metaverse that businesses can use to network in a highly comfortable, modern, and professional environment. Since the world is moving from the “universe” to the “metaverse,” this is the least we can do to catch its pace! Is this really the future of work? Yes, it is!


Meta Offices is the next-generation virtual workspace founded on the Sandbox metaverse, where office tenants can communicate with other businesses in the Offices and have direct access to global business networks. The tenants can arrange team meetings and events and carry out seminars and speeches in the Metaverse, where hundreds of global businesses can attend and interact.

Having an office space in the Metaverse is now much easier with Meta Offices. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or manager in a company searching for an immediate global reach for your business, you are in the perfect place. Simply select the plan that best fits your organization's needs, completes a few forms to provide us with more information, and send us your corporate logos, and our staff will have everything ready in a few days. When your office is ready, we'll let you know. Once you have your digital office key, you'll have immediate access to the Meta Offices network space and may start inviting customers to your Metaverse workspace.

Our highly skilled staff will handle all technical work in this simple, basic process. You will solely be concerned with managing your Meta Office and conducting business.


1- First, you will need to visit the Sandbox Metaverse website ( and create an account, by clicking on SIGN UP in the top right corner.
2- Recommended: If you do not have a digital Wallet you can Sign Up with Google or Facebook account and follow up the steps.
3- Once have created an account is completed The Sandbox Metaverse will prompt you to create a new avatar or use a previously created one. Follow the prompts to create your avatar.
2- Once your avatar is ready, you will need to download the Sandbox Metaverse Game Maker. This can be found on the website under the "Create / Experiences" tab.
3- Once your download is created, open the Game Maker from your desktop and sign in to the Sand box, please note that Sandbox will take time to load since the Sandbox is still in Alfa version, you will be taken to the main menu of the Sandbox Metaverse. From here, you can choose to enter the Meta Tower world.
5- To enter The Meta Tower, select the "Explore" tab and browse through the available worlds. Once you have found it, click on it and select "Enter." You will now be in the Meta Tower world and can explore, interact with other users, and participate in activities.

I hope these steps help you enter, download, and access the Meta Tower. Let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance


Choose the plan that's right for you

  • Unlimited access. All you want ad-free.
  • Change or cancel your plan anytime.
Basic $12 /mo. Standard $27 /mo. Premium $50 /mo.
Standard Office furniture
Your Company Logo displayed in your Meta-office
AI Receptionist with meet and greet your visitor in your Meta-Office
Customized office Banners
Customized Office Furniture
On building & In Lobby company Logo Banner
VIP Status in all future events
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